Trying out Hugo

I’ve been doing some Go programming lately and I ran across the Hugo project while searching for something. It’s kind of like Jekyl but written in Go. I looked around a little more and I found a Go program to convert Ghost content to Hugo content. I ended up submitting a pull request because it was writing out some junk in the front matter of the posts. I think maybe it was written against a previous version of Ghost.

Firewall Rules with UFW

UFW is Uncomplicated Firewall. It’s an easy way to setup iptables firewall rules on your Linux system. If it’s not already installed, it can be installed on Debian-based systems (like Ubuntu) like this: sudo apt-get install ufw Check the status of current firewall rules. sudo ufw status Here’s the output on one of my systems: Status: active To Action From -- ------ ---- 22 ALLOW Anywhere 80 ALLOW Anywhere 10000/tcp ALLOW Anywhere 443/tcp ALLOW Anywhere 22 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6) 80 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6) 10000/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6) 443/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6) If you haven’t set it up before, you won’t see all those rules.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi 1 B+ for Node.js Development

I bought a Raspberry Pi Model B+ back in December. I didn’t have a monitor to plug it into so it just kind of sat idle for a while. I recently picked up a new monitor so I’ve been tinkering with the Raspberry Pi and I wanted to capture all of my setup and configuration. Don’t bother with “Noobs” I just went ahead and installed Raspbian rather than boot with Noobs and ultimately end up installing Raspbian anyway.

Installing Webmin on Ubuntu

Install Webmin with apt-get by adding the Webmin repository to your sources: echo "deb sarge contrib" | sudo tee --append /etc/apt/sources.list wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - Then install Webmin sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install webmin If firewall is enabled, allow traffic on port 10000 ufw allow 10000/tcp

Cool New Photo Collection

My employer has a new collection of images called Prestige. There are some really cool images included… #171695978 / #200464624-001 / #200164707-001 /

32 Years Later...

Thirty two years ago I got my first computer. It was an Apple II+ and I loved it! It had a green screen, dual 5.25” floppy drives and 48K of RAM. Yes, that is 48 kilobytes! I spent most of that summer teaching myself to program in BASIC and playing a few games like Choplifter, Apventure to Atlantis and The Tarturian. The Tarturian was particularly bad. It would crash once in a while and dump you to the command line.

Fixing Clock Problems When Dual Booting Linux and Windows

I recently noticed I had to reset the time on my PC whenever I rebooted from Linux into Windows. It seemed like it started after I had to reset my Windows 8 install (seems like I have to do that a lot!) I like that Linux wants the hardware clock to be UTC, but I wish there was a way to make Windows work with that… It turns out, there

Trying out Ghost

I’ve become interested in Node.js and Markdown lately, so when I heard about Ghost I was really excited. I’ve been using Wordpress for quite a while now and I wanted something simpler. I cloned the Ghost repo from GitHub, followed the directions and had it up and running in a matter of minutes. I run this site on a little Digital Ocean Droplet with 512 MB of RAM. It’s cheap, and for the low amount of traffic my site gets, it’s fine.

Node-Webkit Pre-Built Binary Fails to Run on Ubuntu 13.10

I was trying to run the pre-built binaries for Node-Webkit and was getting an error: ./nw: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory To fix this on a 64-bit system: sudo ln -sf /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ On a 32-bit system: sudo ln -sf /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ After that, Node-Webkit started up fine!

MyFeeds 2.9 Certified

MyFeeds 2.9 was certified and is available today! In addition to the bug fixes in the app, I have also re-enabled the ability to view GIF files. It requires a service to convert GIFs to JPEG since Windows Phone doesn’t support GIFs. I had initially written it to run on Windows using C# but I have moved to a Linux server now and had to re-write it. Re-writing it in PHP was the easy part.

MyFeeds 2.9

I recently changed my Windows Phone app MyFeeds from being a paid app to free. This has caused quite an uptick in downloads and also a lot more bug reports! I just submitted MyFeeds 2.9 to the Windows Phone Store. It should be available soon. Here’s the changelog: Bug – App would sometimes crash on initial startup because it tried to access the database before it was ready – Fixed! Bug – App would crash occasionally when accessing the menu – Fixed!

MyFeeds 2.8

A user suggested being able to set the default view in the article list. I thought it was a good idea, so I pushed out a quick update. Here’s what’s new: Improved article HTML rendering. New option to set Unread or All as default in article list view. App was crashing intermittently when editing properties of a feed - Fixed!

MyFeeds 2.7

It’s been a while since I’ve released an update. MyFeeds 2.7 fixes some bugs and adds a new feature. Get it now! Swipe left and right in the Feed View to switch between displaying only unread articles or all articles. No need to go to settings and toggle hiding unread items when you want to re-read items. Added a menu item in the Article View to read the article using Instapaper instead of it being an option in settings.

Changing Default Colors in Git and Posh-Git

Git In Git, color.status.changed, color.status.untracked and color.branch.remote, default to red on normal (whatever your console background color is). This can be difficult to read. You can change them using: git config “foreground-color background-color attribute” ​For example: git config –global color.status.changed “yellow normal bold” git config –global color.status.untracked “yellow normal bold” git config –global color.branch.remote “yellow normal bold” Note that “yellow normal dim” will show up as white in PowerShell, so if you want to use yellow, you must also specify bold.

MyFeeds 2.6

MyFeeds 2.6 is a quick bugfix. I had a number of reports on an OverflowException causing the app to crash. I was using Convert.ToInt32() to convert enclosure length from a string. I was storing it as a long anyway, so just needed to switch to Convert.ToInt64(). Bugfix - OverflowException while parsing some feeds with enclosures was causing app to crash. Fixed!   It has been certified and should be available within 24 hours.

MyFeeds 2.5 Now Available

MyFeeds 2.5 is just a small bugfix release: Fixed Null Reference Exception when navigating away from the Article Page.   Get it here.

MyFeeds 2.4 Now Available

What’s new in MyFeeds 2.4? Option to allow download of podcasts on cellular network. Option to allow download of podcasts on battery power. Option to disable streaming of podcasts. Bug fix: certain feeds causing app to crash when adding or updating. Bug fix: Work-around for a Windows Phone 8 platform bug. This was causing the app to crash sometimes when accessing the local database. The work-around will prevent crashes, but sometimes data will not be updated.

MyFeeds 2.3 Available Soon

I just received an email stating that MyFeeds 2.3 was certified in the Windows Phone Store. It should be available within the next day. This is a maintenance release. Fixes crashes on Windows Phone 8 devices while feeds are updating. Allows application settings to be reset to the defaults. Get it here!

MyFeeds 2.2 Now Available!

MyFeeds 2.2 has been certified in the Windows Phone Store. This release was mostly to fix a few crashing bugs. What’s new? App is crashing when returning to the article view page from the browser - Fixed. App is crashing on certain devices on initial startup - Fixed. View in Browser now gives the option to browse the article using “Instapaper Text”. Get it now!

New CMS Software

My instance of Orchard crapped out on me a couple of days ago. I was hosting it on Azure and I think they updated to .NET 4.5 and the version I was using didn’t work with it. Tried updating a local copy of my site to the latest version of Orchard over the last couple of days with no luck. I figured since I was going to have to start from scratch anyway, maybe I should try out a different CMS.

MyFeeds 2.1 Now Available

MyFeeds 2.1 has been certified in the Windows Phone Store. What’s new? Allow longer URLs for feeds. New Category View - View all articles in a category in one list. Edit the title and message when sharing on social networks. Short or full links when sharing on social networks. Bug fixes and stabilization.

MyFeeds 2.0 Certified!

MyFeeds 2.0 has been certified in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It should be available for download within the next 24 hours. What’s new? Live tile. Displays number of feeds with unread items on the front. On the back you can see how how many unread items there are. Pin feed to start screen. Tile displays how many unread items that feed has. Podcasts play using the background audio feature in Windows Phone 7.5.

MyFeeds 2.0 Beta Info

I’m getting pretty close on my 2.0 update to MyFeeds. I’ll be publishing a beta to the Marketplace soon.If you would like to participate, please join the mailing list and follow the directions in the welcome email. I could really use feedback on some of the changes I’ve made. Here’s a list of what’s new so far: Live tile. Displays number of feeds with unread items on the front. On the back you can see how how many unread items there are.

MyFeeds 1.19 Available

MyFeeds 1.19 is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace! If you don’t see the latest version yet, be patient. I just published it so it may take a bit to show up. This is a very minor bugfix release. I am working on the 2.x code as well, which will have some new features. This release contains the following: Article has blank space at top when there was no image associated.

My Feeds 1.18 Now Available

Changes in this release: Reports errors in background. Collects anonymous usage data.

MyFeeds 1.17 Now Available

MyFeeds 1.17 is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It has been rebuilt for Mango (Windows Phone OS 7.5). Supports fast app switching. Article view now has in-line links, thanks to the new RichTextBox in Mango! You can now copy and paste OPML for import and export of your feed list.

MyFeeds 1.16

MyFeeds 1.16 has just been certified in the Marketplace. This is another bugfix release: Long text in articles was getting cut off. This is fixed. A bug was sometimes causing a crash when loading feeds from local storage.

MyFeeds 1.15

I’ve submitted another update to MyFeeds. It should be available in the next few days. No new features, just some more bug fixes: Bugfix – App crashes when resuming to the Feed Item Display page. Bugfix – App crashes occasionally when feeds are updating. Bugfix – App crashes occasionally when navigating between pages.

MyFeeds 1.14 Available

Well, that was quicker than I had originally planned… Change Log: 1.14: Bugfix - Found another bug which was causing feeds to be deleted if they were being saved while the app is shutting down. Now the most that can be lost are the feed items. MyFeeds

MyFeeds 1.13 Available

MyFeeds 1.13 is now available in the Marketplace. Change Log: Bugfix - Not all feeds updated when app starts. Bugfix - Feeds may be deleted if being updated when app is shutting down.

MyFeeds 1.12

MyFeeds 1.12 is available. Change Log: Fixed 4 crashing bugs

MyFeeds 1.11 Coming Soon!

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve released an update, but now MyFeeds 1.11 has been submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace and should be available soon. Here’s what’s changed: Improved load time. Fixed bug when posting to Twitter. Feeds now update completely in the background. New article view does not rely on web browser control. New in-app web browser for viewing the full article and links in the articles.

MyFeeds 1.10 Available Now in the Windows Phone Marketplace

MyFeeds still only 99¢! What’s new in version 1.10? This is a bug fix and stabilization release: Landscape support for Facebook and Twitter sharing pages. Fixed error when adding certain podcast feeds. "Allow to run under lock screen" setting was not being saved. Fixed crash when user deletes all feeds and navigates back to the main page. All string parsing and comparisons now globalization aware. Fixed crash while downloading certain feed images.

MyFeeds 1.9 Available Now in the Windows Phone Marketplace

MyFeeds is now only 99¢! What’s new in version 1.9? Share items via Facebook. Share items via Twitter. New icon and start menu tile. New splash screen. View full articles in the app without launching external browser. Message box popups no longer make that annoying sound! Bug fix: When app loads, the feeds in the first category are now updated if you have auto-update configured. Ability to play podcasts while the screen is off or locked.

MyFeeds 1.8 Available

MyFeeds 1.8 is now available. It fixes the crash that many people have been reporting and adds some other new features. What’s new: Fixed a crash that would occur sometimes when tapping on an article to read. Option to Show/Hide read items. Show unread count on Feed List page. Show unread count on Feed page. Changed link color in article view in Dark Theme to make it easier to read. Feed title text dims when all items are read.

MyFeeds 1.7 Available

MyFeeds 1.7 is now available. What’s new: Fixed bugs in ATOM parser. Added support for RDF.

MyFeeds 1.6 Available

MyFeeds 1.6 is available. What’s new: Turn images on and off in lists. Select image size in lists. Select list font sizes for articles and feed titles separately. Fixed two bugs that were causing crashes. When sharing via email, subject is correctly filled in with the article title.

MyFeeds 1.3 Update Coming Soon

I just submitted an update to MyFeeds for Windows Phone. Should be ready for download in a couple of days!


Stood in line for about an hour and a half at the Company Store to get my Kinect. The kids think it’s awesome. I think it’s awesome! I don’t think it will gather dust like our Wii…

MyFeeds 1.0 Now Available in Marketplace

MyFeeds 1.0 is now available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace! I’m already working on some new features for the next version. I’ll be adding support for Italian and also the ability to search for feeds.

MyFeeds Windows Phone 7 RSS Feed Reader

MyFeeds is an RSS Feed Reader for Windows Phone 7. Enter a feed address and MyFeeds will download it and allow you to read the items on your phone. If you don’t know the feed address, just enter the main website address and MyFeeds will attempt to auto-discover the feed. You can also import an OPML file from the web. Limited support for podcasts is included in version 1.0. Supports English, French, German and Spanish (machine translated from English) .

Windows Azure

I went to an all day session on Windows Azure today at the Engineering Forum at work. It looks really slick and is pretty much a no brainer for .NET developers to use. I can see a lot of ASP.NET sites moving to it from other hosting companies... if the price is right!

Rooster in the Parking Lot?

I was at the Staples in Issaquah with my family and we saw a rooster in the parking lot. Apparently it lives in a little house near the drive-up coffee stand there. No, that’s not my truck :)

Configuration Section Designer

I found this really cool Visual Studio add-in today that allows you to visually design a set of classes to handle custom configuration sections in .NET config files. It builds the code and even creates an XSD so you get Intellisense when typing in the config file. It saved me a bunch of time. I always forget the ins and outs of the ConfigurationSection classes and this add-in means I won’t have to go look them up every time I want to do some custom configuration.

iPhone 3G- brought to you by Microsoft

Interesting blog post about how Apple is using Windows CE in the Apple Store. jkOnTheRun: iPhone 3G- brought to you by Microsoft Microsoft should be taking full advantage of this story!

Blue Badge

This week I started my new job at Microsoft. The first day and a half were devoted to New Employee Orientation (NEO as it is called here). I've been through orientation at a few different companies. I can definitely say this was the most informative and attention keeping. This afternoon I met with my manager and got assigned my desk. My PC was all in pieces stacked up on my desk.

Going to Washington

Don't have a lot of time to give much of an update, but I got a job at Microsoft and I am leaving tomorrow morning for Washington. I'm driving my truck and I should be there by Sunday morning sometime. I'll be "twittering" while on my trip. More later...

iPod Dead... Replaced with Zune

Of course, my iPod dies the day before a 12 hour drive. I keep getting the "sad iPod" image on the display. It was a 40GB 4th generation iPod with the greyscale screen. I've had it for just over 3 years. A few months ago I probably would have replaced it with another iPod, even though I think iTunes is a piece of junk. But with the release of the new Zunes, I figure the best replacement is an Zune 80.

Windows Live Mail Errors

So I recently switched my email from Google Apps for Your Domain to Windows Live Hotmail. The main reason I did it is because getting mail from Gmail on my Windows Mobile phone was painful. I was trying to use POP3 and it worked for a while, then eventually it stopped. It just wouldn't download the messages. Then when Gmail started offering IMAP access, I tried that too. It downloaded the messages, but most of the time they showed up blank.

Updating Intel Video Driver on the Lenovo X61T TabletPC

Lenovo's latest video driver for the X61T is dated sometime in June. I've been having a lot of problems with my video driver "stopping" and "recovering". It gets pretty annoying. The driver installer on Intel's site won't install on the X61T. It says to get the driver from the OEM. I took a look on Intel's site again recently to see if there was another way to get the drivers and I noticed a zip file you can download.

SwissGear Angle Bag

I think I found a decent bag to carry my X61T Tablet. I had a real hard time finding something that was small and non-bulky, yet had some extra room to carry a little more than just the tablet itself. This bag is made from neoprene and is very light. It is slightly larger than the X61T, but I think I'll be happy with it. It has a small pocket on the front that could hold maybe an extra battery or a power supply.

Epson Perfection 1670 PHOTO and Vista x64

Surprisingly, EPSON released a Vista driver a while back for my scanner, which is a couple of years old. The download page says it is a 32 bit driver, but it seems to work just fine with Vista x64. This is really good news because I was contemplating moving back to 32 bit. Now I think I will tough it out. I am hoping Lenovo will release a new video driver soon.

Getting the Juice Podcast Client Working with Vista

If you are trying to run the Juice podcast client on Windows Vista and it crashes on startup, you need to run it in XP compatibility mode. Find the exe and right-click on it. Select properties and click on the compatibility tab:

Installing Vista x64 on a ThinkPad X61T

I re-installed Vista x64 (again). I'm posting this mostly as a record of what drivers I installed and in what order. Intel X3100 Video Driver Intel Chipset Support Driver Intel Matrix Storage manager Driver Intel PRO Wireless Adapter Driver ThinkPad Power Management Driver ThinkVantage Active Protection System Hotkey Driver Intel Turbo Memory Driver* Lenovo System Interface Driver ThinkPad Keyboard Customizer Tablet Button Driver MultiTouch Driver Registry Entry to Enable Device Initiated Power Management(DIPM) on SATA Registry Patch to Improve USB Device Detection on Resume From Sleep Registry Patch to Change IDLE IRP Timing by Fingerprint Reader Driver Registry Patch to Enable USB S3 Power Management ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software Bluetooth ThinkVantage Client Security Solution While installing the Turbo memory Driver I got a blue screen.

Fingerprint Reader Troubles

The fingerprint reader software on my ThinkPad X61T has stopped working at the Windows login screen. I've tried re-installing the software a couple of times, to no avail. So I have re-installed Vista and I'll be getting all the drivers installed again. This time I am not going to use the ThinkVantage system update software though. It never quite worked right.

ThinkPad X61T

After just short of a month, my ThinkPad X61T Tablet PC arrived last week. So far, I am pretty happy with it. The first thing I did was create the recovery discs and then flatten it. It came with Vista Ultimate 32 bit. I installed Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I found this guide on doing a clean install on ThinkPads. It worked well and I am now running Vista 64 bit.

Not a one time deal...

It turns out that the Red Ring of Death was not a one time deal. So, I have sent it off to the XBOX Service Center in McAllen, TX. They say it will be 4 - 6 weeks before I get it back. Looks like they received it today. Does anyone know what they do exactly for this problem?Blogged with Flock <!– technorati tags begin –>Tags: XBOX <!– technorati tags

Running XP Again

After spending a bunch of time trying to get Ubuntu all configured how  I wanted it, I still couldn't get my MDA to sync with Evolution. So, I am back on XP on my main system. Hopefully I can keep it free from software bloat this time.

XBOX 360 Red Ring of Death

I turned on my XBOX 360 tonight and was met with a blank screen and 3 red lights around the power button. I found a web page that describes what to do to fix it. I was a little skeptical about picking up the console and smacking it though. I noticed a comment on that page talking about hard drive “stiction” and remembered my days as a PC tech “fixing” old IBM PS/2 machines by removing the hard drive and smacking it with the palm of my hand.

Ubuntu Linux Installed

I got Ubuntu installed. It was pretty painless. The installer is very easy to use and quick. Now I need to figure out which app to use to manage my iPod. There are a number of choices. I want one that works with pdocasts and syncs them properly to my iPod so they keep bookmarks. After that i need to get my T-Mobile MDA to sync with Evolution. If I can get those two things working, I think I’ll be able to stick with it this time.

Back to XP and then to... Linux?

In my last post, I talked about giving Vista another try. That didn’t work out so well. I ended up re-installing XP again a few days later. While my scanner did work, the ATI video driver did not. Over the past ten years or so, I have made several attempts at switching to Linux as my primary OS. Every time I went back to Windows because there was always some application I needed to run or I would end up spending so much time tweaking my Linux install that I didn’t really get to use my PC for anything useful.

Giving Vista Another Try

Epson released a Vista driver for my scanner, a Perfection 1670, so I decided to give Vista another go. There has also been a new ATI Catalyst driver release since the last time I installed, so maybe this one will work!

Back to XP

OK, so that didn’t last long! Had to go back to XP because there are no Vista drivers for my scanner. Plus, the video drivers are bugging me more than I thought they would :)

Windows Vista

I took the plunge and installed Vista on my laptop today. I had installed the beta a couple of times a few months ago, but uninstalled pretty much immediately when I couldn’t get the video drivers to work. My laptop is a Compaq Presario R3000 with an ATI Radeon Mobility 9600. I figured that now that it is out at retail, the drivers will surely have to work, right? Well, I’m still having problems.

Printing the .NET TreeView Control

I submitted an article to CodeProject a few years ago about how to print the .Net TreeView control. I pretty much abandoned it after that. I got a couple of emails about it recently, so I thought I should update it. It is now a Visual Studio 2005 project and I fixed a problem with a Win32 call. Printing the .NET TreeView Control - The Code Project - C# Programming

Daylight Saving Time - Windows Mobile Fix

 Since most carriers aren't shipping updates for daylight saving time for Windows Mobile phones, the "edgeblog" has put together a cab file which will update your mobile device. Thanks! Link to edgeblog » Daylight Saving Time - Windows Mobile Fix

New Hosting Service (Again)

Well, my blog has been down for some time while I found a new host. My old one was FreeWebDot and I had a free account. It worked great until they got DOS'd and stopped their free service. I'm now on Hosting A To Z. I had a few problems getting dasBlog running at first, but they were pretty quick to fix it. Hopefully I'll start posting some useful stuff here again soon.

dasBlog 1.9.6264.0 Released

dasBlog 1.9.6264.0 has been released. I upgraded this evening, and everything seems to be OK. Get your copy here. 

Honda Ridgeline

Recently we decided to get a popup tent trailer and we needed a new vehicle to tow it. We have three young children so I needed something with a backseat so I looked at the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier and the Honda Ridgeline. I didn’t like the way the Tacoma drove, so it was out of the running right away. The Frontier was OK, but nothing special really. As soon as I started driving the Ridgeline I knew that was the truck I wanted!

Refactoring menu disappears after installing LINQ May CTP

After installing the MAY CTP of LINQ, the refactoring menus in VS2005 stopped working. I use that a lot, so I either had to find a way to fix it or uninstall LINQ! I found a post on the MSDN forums that solves the problem. There is a registry entry you must change along with running a few commands from the command line. I have zipped up two files that will make the process a little easier.

WinFX is now .NET 3.0

From S. “Soma” Somasegar’s blog: “The .NET Framework 3.0 is still comprised of the existing .NET Framework 2.0 components, including ASP.NET, WinForms, ADO.NET, additional base class libraries and the CLR, as well as new developer-focused innovative technologies in WPF, WCF, WF and WCS”. … “We are confident that this change will go a long way towards reducing confusion people may have about our developer platform and the technologies in which they should invest.” Are you kidding me?

Test Post

Just moved to a new server and I am testing to see if posting works!

Finally received my MDA

Today it finally arrived, after a lot of hassle. I’ll post more about it after I’ve used it for a little while.

Status of my MDA Order

I finally received my call from T-Mobile on Friday regarding them sending me the wrong phone. They said they would get the MDA ordered that day and I should have it Monday or Tuesday. I have to send back the SDA within 14 days, so I’ll be sending that today. I think I am going to have to call them again though because I got a text message confirming that my MDA had been ordered, but it looks like they charged me the “non-upgrade” price.

Ordered MDA, Received SDA

Well, I received a phone yesterday from T-Mobile. Not the phone I ordered, but a different one. I received the T-Mobile SDA. According to this thread on Howard Forums, about 800 people who ordered MDAs got SDAs instead! Someone from T-Mobile is supposed to be calling me in the next day or two to straighten it out. I won’t hold my breath…

Ordered My MDA

Well, my Cingular 2125 sold on eBay. I got a good price for it. I tried to get the T-Mobile MDA from a T-Mobile store, but they were sold out. I tried to use the “My T-Mobile” site to upgrade my phone to the MDA, but they didn’t even offer it. I checked almost every day to see if it would appear and today it finally did. I ordered it right away and it said I should have it in about 7 days!

Cingular 2125 For Sale

A few months ago I went to the .NET Rocks! Roadshow event here in Phoenix. It was a great show and I ended up winning “some really cool PDA/Phone device from Cingular”. Apparently, Cingular hadn’t even finalized what the device would be so the winners were told we would find something out around the end of December. It was suggested that the device might be an iPAQ 67xx. Well, December turned into February and the iPaq turned into the Cingular 2125.

The RIAA Is At It Again

So, now the RIAA Says Ripping CDs to Your iPod is NOT Fair Use. I am so tired of hearing the recording industry whine about not getting enough money from the rest of us.

Google WiFi

I wonder if Google will be setting up free city-wide WiFi for every city they have offices in? I hope so, because they are going to be opening an office in Phoenix soon!

VS 2005 Doesn't Seem to Work with ActiveSync 3.8

I was all excited to try out the new Compact Framework 2.0 stuff with Visual Studio 2005. I wrote a little web browser app and tried to deploy it to my Pocket PC and got a nice error: The current version of ActiveSync is not supported. Install the latest version from The latest version of ActiveSync I can find is 3.8, which is what I have installed. Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Logitech mm50 Speakers

My wife recently got me the Logitech mm50 speakers for my birthday. I can’t believe how good they sound for their size. They run on a rechargable battery and allow you to “dock” your iPod right into them. When the unit is plugged in to the wall outlet, it will even recharge your iPod. Surprisingly, they put out a very decent level of bass. There is even a remote included. It doesn’t seem to work real well from more than about 10 or 15 feet, but that’s enough to keep you from getting up off the couch to skip tracks.

Lame Product Alert

For $9.95 + $0.99 shipping, you can get an Earbud Clip. How is that much different than doing this: There, I just saved you $11.00!

Thanks Google!

A couple of days ago, our webserver lost a hard drive. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a recent backup of my blog. I had been using .Text previously and I told my friend who runs the server I didn’t need my site backed up, since all the data was in the database. Then I switched over to dasBlog and I forgot about the fact that it stores data in XML files. Anyway, I had some of my content files on my local system from when I upgraded from version 1.7 to 1.8 of dasBlog.

iTunes Music Store vs. the Record Labels

Engadget has a story about the record labels wanting more money for songs when sold through the iTunes Music Store. One of the reasons they state is because less people are buying the full CDs and just buying the songs they want, so they are making less money. I wonder though, if Jobs refuses to increase the price on songs, will the big record labels stop producing full “albums”? There always seems to be a few songs on a CD that are destined to become singles and then there are other songs that maybe don’t fit the “format” for a hit single.

iTunes/Outlook Sync

I figured out my problem with iTunes syncing my iPod contacts with Outlook. The 5.0.1 update of iTunes now pops up a message telling me why it can’t sync my contacts. Turns out I didn’t have Outlook set as my default email and contact manager. Once I did that, It started syncing just fine.

Windows SideShow?

So Microsoft has a new technology called SideShow. It is basically a platform that lets you display data on various devices besides the PC’s screen. It looks pretty cool, but who comes up with these names? Did anyone do any research on the meaning behind the word sideshow? Does anyone else think it’s funny that “sideshow” is basically a polite term for freakshow?

Removing Ads from MSN Messenger

If you want to remove ads from MSN Messenger, but you don’t want to go to the extremes documented here, there is another option. Open the file c:windowssystem32driversetchosts in notepad and add the following line: The banner ad at the bottom of the main messenger window will stop cycling and will just display the MSN Messenger logo. The text ads in the IM windows will be gone too.

iTunes 5.0 and Outlook Syncing

iTunes 5.0 has been released. I like the changes so far and was excited to see that it can now sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts to your iPod. I have the Calender sync working, but I cannot get it to sync my Contacts. I keep checking my iPod after a sync and the Contacts menu has nothing in it. Is anyone else having this problem?

The Tivo is Wireless

I took the Netgear WG111 V2 back to Fry’s tonight. While I was standing in line I was talking to a guy about the network adapter and how I needed the older version. He said I should check out PC Club. On a whim I stopped at Best Buy on my way home to see if they had the WG111 V1. I went to the wall where they have all their networking gear and looked.

Tivo 7.2 and 802.11g

Well, my Tivo is all updated and it looks like my Netgear WG111 V2 does not work. So, back to Fry’s it goes


Well, I finally did it. I went out this past weekend and bought a Tivo. I have been talking about building either a MythTV box or a Windows MediaCenter box for quite a while now. I finally decided to just spend the $200 and get an 80 hour Tivo Series 2 instead. A lot cheaper than building a PC and it really does what I want anyway. Record TV, display photos and play MP3s.

WRT54G and WiFi-Box Firmware

I decided it was time to stop using the SVEASOFT firmware on my Linksys router. I’m not real keen on some of the things I have heard about the people behind it. So, I decided to install Wifi-Box instead. I made one crucial mistake though. I forgot to reset to factory defaults before flashing the new firmware. Once the upgrade was done, I could no longer access the router through the LAN ports.

Windows Vista Security

It looks like Microsoft is catching up with most of the Linux distributions I’ve ran over the last few years, in at least one way. Vista will have the capability for users to run as a “non-priveledged” user instead of admin, but still be able to perform admin tasks without logging off and back on as admin. This feature has been around forever on UNIX (and UNIX-like) operating systems at the commandline.

HP Support

I recently had a problem with my Presario R3000 laptop. The battery was completely drained and would not charge. The laptop is still under warranty, so I figured I would contact support and see what my options were. Before doing that thought I checked the Compaq/HP support website to see if there were any updates for my laptop. There was a firmware update that was supposed to fix a problem where if the battery is completely drained, the laptop won’t charge it.

Can We Have Tabs in Windows Explorer Too?

Internet Explorer 7 is getting tabs. That’s great! I really like the tabbed interface in Firefox. In this blog entry, Tony mentions how Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer share code: <!–StartFragment –>Another example of what makes this challenging is that IE and Explorer windows share the same code for the frame and chrome (toolbars, menus, etc.), which means there are more code paths and different types of interactions with the hosted view (in this case, a ShellView) that were required to continue working after adding tabbed browsing to IE.

Presentation on WSE 2.0

I went to a presentation last night at the AZ ASP.NET User Group meeting. It was on Web Services Security with WSE 2.0. WSE is something that I have heard about, maybe even read a little about, but I haven’t taken the time to really learn about it so I figured this would be a good way to get into it. The speaker was $g(Michele Leroux Bustamante) and she did an excellent job. I didn’t nod off at all :) The timing on this was perfect.

Free of Defects

 I was reading a mailing list that I subscribe to when I came across a job posting. In the “Job Responsibilites” I found this gem: Design, develop, and validate performance of  work to ensure that any software release is free of defects and does not require an additional release to correct defects. If they find someone who can do that, they should pay that person millions of dollars!

HDTV Sound

I have noticed over the past few weeks that there is something wrong with the sound on our Phoenix ABC affiliate’s HD broadcast. When a network show like Lost or Alias is on, it sounds like the audio is inside a tube. Kinda of a metallic ring to it almost. When advertisements or local programming are on it sounds fine. I don’t hear this on any other channels. I wonder what is going on.

Cherry OS

It’s funny how all of a sudden Cherry OS turned into the Cherry Open Source Project. Gee, is it maybe because they are just re-packaging this project’s code?

Why I don't use MSN Spaces

Looks like MSN Spaces is having some troubles today. It would drive me nuts not to be able to go see what’s going wrong and fix it!

Conversion to dasBlog

Well, I finally bit the bullet and converted from .Text to dasBlog. Why did I convert? I didn’t want to upgrade from .Text to Community Server. It just seems like overkill for my site. I don’t need forums or support for multiple blogs. I also wanted to remove the dependency on SQL Server. I used DotText2DasBlog to import my posts. It worked really well!

COM and .NET

If you are developing an addin for Outlook in C# or another .Net language, automating Outlook or even just using COM from .Net, you should be cleaning up your COM objects (duh!). But, setting them to null is not enough. You must use the System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReleaseComObject method to remove all references to that COM object. Here's a little class that you can use so you don't have to retype the code all over the place.

Cherry OS Closer to Release?

The Cherry OS website has been updated. It almost looks like it is going to be available pretty soon. Could it be?

MacGenius Silenced

Looks like the MacGenius, a blog written by an Apple “Genius” has been shut down. This was no sugar-coated blog, he was pretty blunt about things going on at the Apple Store. I wonder if he did it on his own or if he was asked to take it down?  Only got 4 posts up before shutting down!

HDTV Problems Solved

A while back I talked about no longer being able to pick up certain channels on my HDTV. Well, thanks to a suggestion from my friend Robert, I bought a Terk HDTVi antenna. I plugged it in and ran the channel auto-discover on my TV and it brought back PBS and the local NBC HD signals! This antenna works much better than the amplified antenna I was using before. I watched 3 hours of HD broadcast tonight, Lost and Alias :), and I had no signal dropouts like I usually did with my old antenna.

I Thought only Us Americans Were this Dumb

Some Australians at a party were playing a beer drinking game with what is basically one of those beer hats but with a pump attached to it. One of the men ruptured his stomach and spent some time in intensive care. Crazy! [Via]

Cherry OS Delayed... again

So, CherryOS was supposed to be available for download on Nov. 25th, but it looks like it has been delayed again. I still think this is a hoax. Would be pretty cool if it was real though.

Using an iPod in the Car

So, I finally got an iPod about a month back and I have been looking at different ways of listening to it in the car. I tried the Griffin iTrip. It is a pretty slick device, but I had two problems with it: I live in Phoenix, so it is difficult to find a station that is not in use or doesn’t have interference from nerby stations.  I have an iSkin eVo2 silicone cover on my iPod.

1, 2, 3... 14?

I noticed something weird the other day when I saw the new iPod advertisement with U2 performing Vertigo. Bono starts out the song speaking Spanish, “Uno, dos, tres, catorce…” Sounds like he is just counting off the start of the song, but that translates to “One, two, three, fourteen” in English. Where did he learn to count?!? Update: Thanks Chris! You’re right, this is their 14th album, now it makes sense!

Windows Debugging

I have been lucky enough to be in a Windows debugging class for the last 4 days. The company I work for had an instructor from Microsoft come in to give us two classes. Windows DNA Debugging and .NET Debugging. If you are a Windows developer and you ever have the opportunity to take these classes, do it! Years ago, I was having troubles with IIS crashing. I remember talking to Microsoft support and they sent me a utility to capture a crash dump when IIS crashed.


I turned 0x23 yesterday and my wife gave me an iPod for my birthday. It took me a while to figure out which MP3 player I wanted, until I played with a few at Best Buy. The iPod really does have a great user interface! So, I've started using iTunes for Windows and I have to say, it is a really nice player/manager for MP3s.

Alternative Name for Podcasting?

In Adam Curry’s “Daily SourceCode” on Oct. 13th, there’s some talk about the name “Podcasting”. Chris Pirillo talks about it too. Some people don’t like the name because it seems to tie it to the Apple iPod and leave out other MP3 players. What about calling it “Blogcasting”? It seems to have been born out of blogging, so it kinda makes sense. What do you think?

HDTV in Phoenix

Every so often I’ll switch over to the antenna on my HD television to see what’s being broadcast in HD. Right about the time that the Olympics started, I decided to see if I could pick up the HD signal. That’s when I noticed that it seems that the local NBC affiliate, KPNX isn’t coming in on my set. I also noticed that the two local PBS digital channels had disappeared. Has anyone else in the Phoenix area noticed this or is it just me?

Alternatives to DSL and Cable Internet Access

I live in the Phoenix area (Chandler to be exact) and currently use COX High Speed Internet. I am basically happy with it, but I have been wondering what my alternatives are. There are a lot of limitations with COX, no access to external SMTP servers, very limited upstream speeds, just to name a couple. I see that SpeedChoice (Sprint) isn't taking any new customers. Besides Qwest DSL (yuck!) what are my choices?

Tim Ewald's XmlSerializer sans XSD

Interesting post here: XmlSerializer sans XSD about writing classes that will serialize to a specific xml format when you don’t have an XSD. This seems like a lot of work though. Why not just use xsd.exe to generate the schema from the xml and then use that schema to generate your class(es)? Even if it isn’t the exact end result you are looking for, it is a pretty good starting point.

New Laptop

I’ve had a laptop supplied through work for a while now. When I recently switched jobs, that wasn’t part of the deal, so I decided to buy one myself. I have become too used to being able to take a computer with me when I go on vacation or to visit relatives, etc. Plus it’s nice to be able to sit in any room in the house and use it. I bought an HP Compaq Presario R3000T.

More IE Vulnerabilities

Wow, it seems like we just patched for some big IE vulnerability and now there are more again. Glad I switched!

VB.Net Misconceptions

Steele has an interesting post about some of the mis-conceptions about VB.NET. I agree with him about how outrageous the list is, but I still like C# syntax vs. VB syntax. Just a personal preference really. I feel silly typing things like “Friend” and “Me” when I write code ;)

Third Party Linksys WRT54G Firmware

Sveasoft is offering their WRT54G firmware for free. You can read about it here. I like it because it allows you to configure certain options that weren’t available in the official firmware. Like being able to select the NTP server to use. It also adds some things like SSHD and a PPTPD server. Although, I haven’t been able to get the PPTPD server to allow me to connect yet. Maybe this new version will have that fixed.

FireFox, FreeTextBox 2 and .Text

I just finished adding FreeTextBox 2.0.7 to my installation of .Text. It was a little painful, but not too bad. FreeTextBox 2.x has support for Mozilla and FireFox. Since I have decided to start using FireFox, I wanted to be able to still use the rich editing for posting to my blog. Here’s what I did: Get the browsercaps settings from here and place the one for Gecko in the web.config fileAdd this method to the Admin/WebUI/Utilities.cs file: internal static bool CheckIsIE55OrGecko(){ return (“IE” == HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.Browser && (HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.MajorVersion > 5 || (HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.MajorVersion >= 5 && HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.MinorVersion >= 5)) || ((“gecko” == HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.Browser.ToLower()) && HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.MajorVersion >= 1)); }  Change every instance of “Utilities.CheckIsIE55()” to “Utilities.CheckIsIE55OrGecko()” in Admin/UserControls/EntryEditor.ascx.cs Change line 95 in Admin/UserControls/EntryEditor.ascx to this: <FTB:FreeTextBox id=“ftbBody” runat=“server” width=“98%” visible=“true” /> Change all references to FreeTextBox 1.x in the DotText projects to reference FreeTextBox 2.0.7.

Gmail hype

Seems like everyone is going nuts over Gmail. Its mail, big deal. OK, they do offer quite a bit of space, but do you really need (or want) to keep 1 GB of mail hanging around? Sure, it has a search feature, but I can search my mail in Outlook now. What’s better about Gmail’s search? I’m not trying to be smart, I really would like to hear about it. This site has some interesting things to say about it… Seems a little paranoid, but they do have some points.

Retractable USB sync/charger cable

If you have a PDA and a laptop, or you sync with multiple PCs, this cable is great. It will handle syncing and will also charge your PDA right from the power supplied by the USB port. I ordered one on the 6th and received it the 8th. I’m pretty happy with The cable was only $15 including shipping and they shipped it the same day I ordered it.

.Text and Firefox

I’d like to get my blog looking better in Firefox. I found a little tip here, but it still isn’t perfect. I haven’t done any serious cross-browser development in years, so I’m not even really sure why it is messed up in Firefox. Guess I’ll have to do some experimentation and see what happens.

Sql Server Express

At my previous job, I got to wrestle with deploying MSDE as part of a shrink-wrap application. Let’s just say that it was not fun :) SQL Server Express looks like it may take away those deployment nightmares. Yay!

Update to post on releasing COM objects

This is just a little update to an earlier post on Outlook and .Net The method signature should be changed to: public static void Release(params object[] comObjects) That way you don’t have to create an array of your COM objects, just list them separated by commas. Like so: ComUtils.Release(outlookMailItem, outlookNameSpace, outlookApplication); Hope that helps someone out there! Update: I went ahead and turned this code into an article.

MSN Messenger Headlines

Has anyone else noticed that the headlines at the bottom of the MSN Messenger window haven’t changed for about 2.5 weeks? What’s the deal?

New Job

I started my new job today. Seems like it is going to be pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to getting up to speed on all of their software so I can actually do something useful!

Wade makes it to Washington

My friend Wade has made a few changes in his life recently. He started blogging, moved his family to Washington and started a new job at Microsoft! Congratulations Wade!

Maybe Microsoft should dump IE too?

Daniel Miessler tells us, “Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer”. Maybe Microsoft should dump IE too and just ship Mozilla instead. It would be great. It would make all the MS bashers’ heads explode.

Linksys WRT54G continued

So, I got the router hooked up and it is working well so far. Someone pointed out that there is a security related bug so I have flashed it with the beta firmware available from Linksys. I have no real way to measure this, but websites seem to come up faster with this router than the old one. I’m looking forward to hacking this thing :)

Linksys WRT54G Router

I picked up a Linksys WRT54G wireless router today. Hopefully it won’t suffer from the problems of my old Linksys BEFSR41 v2! Haven’t installed it or even taken out of the box yet, so I’ll post about it later.

More on the iPAQ h6310 PDA/Phone

Finally, someone got to play with one of these things! I will be very interested to see how it does. $499 isn’t too bad of a price, hopefully the carriers will offer some discounts or rebates too.

Bad coding

Tim Marman blogs about iGo’s website being bad. So I went to their site, forced an error by changing a querystring a little and I see that they are passing the error message in the querystring! Bad, programmer! After Scott Guthrie’s presentation the other night on Cross-site scripting attacks, I thought, “I wonder if you could put javascript in the querystring?” Well, the answer is YES! Yikes! I was going

FREE XDN Professional for .NET Bloggers during May 2004

This is a pretty cool offer: Mike Schinkel, president of Xtras.Net, made an offer on his personal blog of a free XDN Professional membership ( during the month of May 2004 for anyone that blogs about .NET frequently. If you are a .NET blogger, see Mike’s post for how to get your free XDN membership.

ASP.NET Roadshow

Went to the ASP.Net Roadshow presentation in Phoenix tonight. Scott Guthrie presented. It was a really good session. The only complaint I have is that 30 to 45 minutes were spent on an intro to ASP.Net. ASP.Net has been around for over 2 years, we don’t need an intro anymore. If someone attending one of these presentations doesn’t know the basics by now, maybe they should read a book or something! I enjoyed his tips and tricks section and definitely enjoyed seeing what is coming in ASP.Net 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.

Windows Media Center Edition

Don Box built a PC for Media Center Edition… How do us mere mortals (a.k.a non-Microsoft employees) get a legitimate copy of Media Center to run on our home-brew PCs? From everything I’ve read, it is only available with a PC sold specifically as a Media Center PC.

New Camera

I bought a new digital camera over the weekend. It’s the Canon Digital Rebel. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is a digital SLR camera that can use ANY of the Canon EF lenses and a whole boatload of third-party lenses too. It can take photos at 6.3 megapixels and stores them on a compact flash card. Steve’s Digicam can tell you more about this camera than I can!

Installshield X

Installshield has released InstallShield X! I was lucky enough to be invited to a beta lab at InstallShield’s Schaumburg headquarters in March. From what I saw there, this looks like it is going to be a great upgrade! If you create installers that install IIS websites or need to run SQL scripts against MS SQL Server, I highly suggest you take a look at this release.

Two Development Related Websites Down

So I was trying to get to the website and it seems to be down at the moment. Then later on tonight I tried the CodeProject site and it seems to be hosed too! Looks like CodeProject is having a problem with their database server: We were not able to process your request: Unable to locate main databaseForgotten your password? Click here. Other problem? Try the FAQ. Please press the back-button in your browser, check or adjust your entries and then retry.

Time for a Tablet PC?

Looks like Tablet PCs just might be ready for developers to use. Two different developers have blogged a little bit about their new Tablet PCs here and here. I really need a new PC for personal use. I have a laptop for work, but I always do my personal projects on my personal PC. I was thinking about getting a laptop to replace my current desktop, but the more I read about Tablet PCs, the more I want one!

Heads Down Coding

Eric Gunnerson gets to spend most of the week “App Building”. Sounds like fun! I really enjoy when I get to work heads down on a project for a few days. No meetings, no administrative tasks, just pure coding time! As it turns out, it looks like I’ll get close to that for the next couple of days at work.

Pocket PC + Wireless Phone = Mobile Internet Happiness

So, I'd really like to get a bluetooth enabled wireless phone so I can check email, surf the web, etc. while away from home or the office. I currently have AT&T wireless and I think I would switch to another provider in order to get some kind of deal on a phone. But which company to switch to? So far, it seems like the only option in the Phoenix area is T-Mobile.

What do you use to author autorun.exe for CD-ROMs?

I have used Flash 5 in the past to author autorun executables for CD-ROMs. It is nice because it is easy and there is no runtime required. Macromedia has basically killed this usage with Flash MX though. You can’t execute apps unless they are in a “fscommand” subdirectory and you can’t pass commandline arguments to those apps either. Thanks a lot Macromedia!


There is a cool app called MiniStumbler that lets you search for and document wireless networks with your PPC. A new version has just been released and it now supports more wireless cards, including my Socket CF Wireless card. Now I just need to get a bluetooth GPS!

Outlook and .Net

If you are developing an addin for Outlook in C# or another .Net language or even just using COM from .Net, you should be cleaning up your COM objects (duh!). But, setting them to null is not enough. You must use the System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReleaseComObject method to remove all references to that COM object. Here’s a little class that you can use so you don’t have to retype the code all over the place.using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; namespace Utils{ public class ComUtils { public ComUtils() { } /// &lt;summary&gt; /// Force a release of the COM objects and do garbage collection.

War Blogging

Check out Jeffrey Palermo blogging from the middle of a war! He is in the Army Reserve and has been in the middle east for the past year. I was in the Marine Corps Reserve in the early 90s and served in Operation Desert Storm. I would have given anything to be able to bring a laptop along and get on the Internet to talk to family back home. It just wasn’t available.

Windows Media Player Album Info Jacked Up

OK Microsoft, what’s the deal? I put OutKast’s “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” Disc 2 in my CDROM drive to rip the tracks and when Media Player downloads the track info about half the tracks are in the wrong order?!?! There is even one completely missing! So, I went to the All Music Guide website to see if they had them in the right order and they do, except for that missing track.

Visual Source Safe over the Internet

Tim Heuer found a pretty cool project that allows you to use VSS over the Internet! I have used CVS and Subversion that way before, but I was amazed that someone has wrapped up VSS and turned it into a client/server system. Looks like it can even integrate into VS.Net.

iPAQ 2200 Series SDIO Driver Update

HP has released an update for the iPAQ 2200 Series. It fixes some power consumption problems with SDIO devices and a “SD Card initialization issue”. Whatever that means. They don’t seem to explain these updates very well.

Linksys Router

After upgrading the firmware on my linksys router I had some problems, but by turning off UPnP and disabling logging, the router hasn’t required a reboot for a few days now. Hopefully Linksys will release a more stable firmware revision soon!

HP iPAQ H6300 rumours

Is anyone else as excited as I am about this rumoured Pocket PC Phone from HP? Not too sure if I’m ready to shell out the estimated $600 to buy it, but with some luck, maybe T-Mobile will have some kind of rebate on it :)

System.Drawing.Imaging Performance

I just recently discovered Omar’s blog and he posted an interesting find about improving the performance of loading images from a file. The real issue is loading an image from a stream, since that what the .FromFile method ends up calling anyway. I wonder how many places this could affect performance in a lot of software out there!

Switched to .Text

I was using dasBlog (for about a day and a half) but when I found out that trackbacks don’t work or at least a number of people have problems getting them to work, I switched to .Text. I hadn’t posted too much yet so migration was pretty simple. I just re-posted what I had posted in dasBlog and changed the dates in the db.

Definition of delegate

Jeff Putz asks for help defining delegates. At DevDays 2004 in Phoenix, Rob Bagby of DotNeXt had an interesting definition of delegates. He said a delegate is like “Huggy Bear” from Starsky and Hutch. When Huggy got some information, he passed it off to Starsky and Hutch. There was more to it, but that is what I can remember of it. Wish he had a blog, I really liked his presentation. Some people would say a delegate is a pointer to a function, but that isn’t really the case.

MSDE Deployment Toolkit

Mario Szpuszta recently posted an article to MSDN that talks about using the MSDE Deployment Toolkit. I hadn’t even realized it has been available since December, although it is only a release candidate. This should help out a lot of developers who want to use MSDE as a local data store for standalone apps or as an offline storage facility for networked apps. I was about ready to write some sort of front-end for the MSDE installer to use with the software we are writing at work.

Linksys router woes

I flashed my Linksys BEFSR41 v2 router to firmware 1.45.7. That was a mistake. Every few hours it would require a reset. I couldn’t even get to the configuration web page. I turned off UPnP and that seems to help a bit, but I still had to reset once today. I am going to keep shutting stuff off until I get it stable. If that doesn’t work I’ll try downgrading

First Post

Well, I finally got around to setting up a weblog. We’ll see how this goes. I’ve been lurking for a while, reading other blogs and decided to try it out too.