Firewall Rules with UFW

UFW is Uncomplicated Firewall. It's an easy way to setup iptables firewall rules on your Linux system. If it's not already installed, it can be installed »

Installing Webmin on Ubuntu

Install Webmin with apt-get by adding the Webmin repository to your sources: echo "deb sarge contrib" | sudo tee --append /etc/ »

Cool New Photo Collection

My employer has a new collection of images called Prestige. There are some really cool images included... #171695978 / #200464624-001 / #200164707-001 / »

Trying out Ghost

I've become interested in Node.js and Markdown lately, so when I heard about Ghost I was really excited. I've been using Wordpress for quite a »

MyFeeds 2.9 Certified

MyFeeds 2.9 was certified and is available today! In addition to the bug fixes in the app, I have also re-enabled the ability to view »

MyFeeds 2.9

I recently changed my Windows Phone app MyFeeds from being a paid app to free. This has caused quite an uptick in downloads and also a »